What are the early writing stages of preschool age children?

What are the early stages of writing for preschool age children? 

An essential and early part of the writing process involves children having ample opportunities to draw.  Around the age of three, you will notice that children’s scribbling will start to look like something and say something.  See samples of the different developmental stages you can expect children to progress through as they are learning to write.  Also learn best practices to help promote the emergent writing process.     

What are the mark making and scribbling stages?

What are the different stages of mark making and scribbling?

How do children learn to write?  It begins with mark making experiences and scribbling for older infants and toddlers.  See examples of the early phases of mark making and scribbling.  Learn characteristics of children new to the writing process.

Resources: So Much More Than the ABCs, The Intentional Teacher