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COVID Changed Everything

This is how the summer of 2020 looked for me. Numerous presentations via virtual platforms. Hard to believe there were almost 200 people on the other side of the screen listening to me!

Region 12 Early Childhood Symposium, September 2019


Grow a Reader, Frisco Public Library, August 2019


Region 12 Week of the Young Child Conference, April 2019


Texas Early Childhood Learning Summit, August 2017

Stacy Benge “Embracing the Scribble Scrabble” while exploring emergent writers at the Texas Early Childhood Learning Summit in Houston.


Region 10 Conference, July 2017

Stacy Benge exploring “Phonological Awareness: The Cornerstone of Language and Literacy” at the Region 10 conference, “Recharging Your Super Powers!” .

Keynote Address, July 2016

Stacy Benge presenting the keynote address “So Much More” at the 2016 Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas’ Early Childhood Conference, “Big Ideas for Little People”.

Award Recipient, March 2015

Stacy Benge named the 2015 recipient of the Phyllis Jack Moore Professional Development Award at Camp Fire’s Celebration of Champions.

Keynote Address, April 2015

Stacy Benge presents keynote address “Lessons from the Flash Mob”, based on a surprise flash mob she organized for her niece’s wedding, at the 2015 Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas’ Early Childhood Conference.

Care.Com Article Contributions, 2015

When you examine games that are best for children of this age, it really comes down to the vintage games that have withstood the test of time; hence, games that require no batteries and allow children to figure out the rules, have conversations, and interact face-to-face with another person,” says Stacy Benge, M.S., child development and early learning specialist.

Its important that you keep your 9-year-old engaged and encourage interactive games that require language and conversations, as child development and early learning specialist Stacy Benge, M.S., reminds us.

When it comes to ideal games for your 10-year-old, remember that companionship is a big deal in your child’s life at this age. Whereas 9-year-olds are often a bit more reserved, 10-year-olds are developing new social skills and interests. It is a time of transition, as child development and early learning specialist Stacy Benge, M.S. explains, “from spending time with family to more of a focus on peer connections.”

 Keynote Address, September 2015

Stacy Benge presenting the keynote address “The Power of Blank Paper and Crayons” for the Texas Professional Home Child Care Association 2015 state conference.