Keynote Presentations

Be inspired by Stacy’s keynote presentations that encourage educators with relevant information and practical ideas for their early childhood programs.

All available topics may be formatted for keynote presentations.


Environments and Developmentally Appropriate Experiences

  • Loose Parts: Simple Materials, Big Outcomes
  • Realistic Expectations: What to Expect When Working with Small Children
  • The Power of Blank Paper and Crayons


Language and Literacy

  • Do This, Not That: Alphabet Knowledge
  • Emergent Writers: Embracing the Scribble-Scrabble


Physical Development

  • Rolling, Spinning, Jumping, and Running: Embracing Big Body Movement and Development
  • Sensory Processing and Development


Stakeholders and Parent Groups

  • Available to speak to parent associations, organizations, and any stakeholder groups regarding child development, early childhood education, and developmentally appropriate practices