Keynote Presentations

  • Lessons from the Flash Mob
  • So Much More
  • The Power of Blank Paper and Crayons
  • Top 10 Things Every Early Learning Classroom Should Provide and Why
  • Please inquire about other topics that my be formatted to a keynote presentation.


Child Development and Developmentally Appropriate Practices

  • Play Based Learning: Open the World of Possibilities
  • Realistic Expectations: What to Expect When Working with Small Children
  • Step Away from the Screen: Analyzing the Effects of Digital Technology and Child Development


Classroom Environments and Curriculum

  • All About Blocks
  • Assessments, Checklists, and Effective Portfolios
  • Interactive, Hands-on  Math
  • Learning Centers: Creating Effective Classroom Environments (Preschool focus)
  • Loose Parts: Simple Materials, Big Outcomes
  • STEM in Early Education
  • Take it Outside: Designing Playground Environments to Inspire Outdoor Learning Experiences


Language and Literacy

  • Do This, Not That: Alphabet Knowledge
  • Emergent Writers: Embracing the Scribble-Scrabble
  • Language, Literacy, and the Reading with Infants and Toddlers
  • Phonological Awareness: The Cornerstone of Language and Literacy


Physical Development

  • Physical Development and School Readiness
  • Get Up and Move!
  • Sensory Processing and Development


Social and Emotional Development and Child Guidance

  • Building Relationships in the Early Childhood Classroom: It Begins with You!
  • Classroom Guidance: There’s Not Just One Solution


Professionalism, Administration, Leadership, and Relationships

  • Being a Reflective Leader
  • Understanding Learning and Processing Styles