Stacy Benge is an early childhood speaker who approaches learning in the early years with practicality and common sense.

With interactive and informative training experiences, Stacy encourages the development of the whole child in the early years through simple, concrete, hands-on experiences that are developmentally appropriate.  Stacy inspires professionals with her passion for the importance of early development and how it lays strong foundations for life success.

With a Master of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies, Stacy also specializes in the learning processes, communication, and interactions among all ages, including adults, to optimize performance at whatever task is at hand.

In 2015, Stacy was awarded the Phyllis Jack Moore Professional Development Award that recognizes excellence in professional development in the early childhood community.

Stacy is available for the following:

Please send an email to Stacy.Benge@gmail.com for pricing and scheduling information.