So Much More

I wrote this a couple years ago in response to teachers working with children birth to five expressing to me their desire to be so seen as so much more than just a “day care worker”.  I know the pain when someone tells you that you are not a real teacher.  This is for all of the hard, dedicated professionals who work with young children.  You are “So Much More”!

So Much More

Please don’t tell that I am just

a babysitter or

just a day care worker or

not a real teacher, because

I am so much more.

What I do is important.

It is integral and

it is vital.

I am passionate.

I am loving.

I am nurturing.

I am caring and

I am purposeful.

Ask me,

I can explain the purpose of

my schedule,

my room arrangement,

my lesson plans, and

the purpose of my activities.

I can identify the


outcomes, and

long term benefits

of everything I do – because I am that good!

When you ask me why your child has not achieved an unrealistic goal yet,

I debunk the earlier is better myth because

I am knowledgeable about

child development,

developmentally appropriate practices,

early learning, and

meaningful experiences.

I understand

foundational skills,

life success, and

I understand PLAY!

I understand PLAY so much that I embrace



out of the box thinking and

risk taking.

Yes – I embrace everything PLAY promotes!

I allow child-directed learning as it enhances


self-regulation, and

executive functioning.

You are probably wondering what I am doing while the children are playing.

Let me tell you,

I intentionally

facilitate learning,

connect with the children, and

extend experiences.

Every day,

I build


confidence, and


I elicit

brain connections,

language skills,

problem solving,

interactions, and

strong bodies, because

We must develop the whole child!

I am qualified.

I am educated.

I am experienced.

I am skilled.

I am career oriented.


You may call me teacher.

You may call me early childhood educator.

You may call me early learning specialist.

You may call me child development guru – because I am that good.

But please don’t call me

Just a babysitter,

Just a day care worker, or

Not a real teacher.

Because I am so much more!

And those labels do not encompass


Stacy Benge, M.S.

September, 2015

So much more hashtag

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