I See a Song by Eric Carle

Probably not one of the books that comes to mind when you think of Eric Carle, but his book I See a Song is my favorite!

“Ladies & Gentleman!  I see a song.  I paint music.  I hear color ….  Come, listen, and let your imagination see your own song.” says the violinist illustrated in a monochromatic black.  But as he begins to play, colors begin to fill the pages.  Pictures begin to form and the song begins to tell a colorful story.

When I was teaching, I would read the introduction to my class, then, I would play music – different types of music.  Some days it would be light classical while others, it might be slow jazz.  I would ask my learners if the illustrations matched the music as I turned the pages.  Did they feel the pictures were telling the story of the music they were hearing?  Why or why not?  I enjoyed hearing their explanations.  I loved watching them feel and connect to the music.

Many times, as an extension to the book, I would provide blank paper with crayons or paint, and I would play different types of music; again, it varied day-to-day.  I encouraged the children to turn the songs they were hearing, and feeling, into pictures.  I wanted them to interpret the songs on to paper and make the music come alive.  I loved their descriptions when I asked them to tell me about their drawings.  What an amazing experience to watch the children connect to the music and “see a song”.


I See a Song by Eric Carle, Scholastic Inc., 1973

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