“Pre-K is too late for many children”

“Pre-K is too late for many children”

Yes it is true – Learning begins the moment a child is born.

Keep in mind, it is not necessary to start flash cards or download “educational apps” to put your infants ahead of the game. (and in fact – please don’t do that.) Instead, it is as simple as spending time with your babies/ children, having face to face time with them, singing and reading to them, playing with them, and building relationships with them. That is honestly what will help them become “school ready”!

BTW – in my opinion this is not just a low-income issue.

“Neural pathways are laid from the moment of birth and throughout a child’s earliest years. If a child doesn’t receive sufficient affection, language stimulation, attuned responses and more from birth to age 4, she or he will arrive at Pre-K with deficits that can never be entirely eliminated. Though it’s shocking to consider, these children truly have been brain-damaged in a subtle way.”

(Dallas News Opinion – Pre-K is too late for some children)


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