Living in a 3D World

What is a major difference in children of this generation and children of the past?

Children today do not live in a 3D world.  Think of life before television; what did children do?  I’m sure when not working or doing chores to help the household, they created their own toys, their own games, and they ran around being a part of nature.  Essentially, they were active and engaging all of their senses and enhancing their motor skills.  They were living in and experiencing their worlds.

Children today spend a lot of time living in a 2D world.  What does that mean?  How much time is spent by today’s youth playing video and computer games and watching TV.  What about all of the apps that claim to help children increase academic performance?  My philosophy is it still is not as stimulating as experiencing real life!  Watching a screen is passive, even if it claims to be interactive!  It is still sitting down and looking at a 2D object.

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